We are living in the very exciting 2021 where opportunities have grown exponentially in the field of app development.Every business model needs to have at least a mobile app to offer commendatory and extensively customized solutions to the customers.However the major concern here for the companies is that building a…

hello everyone, this is a great day and i want to make something for protection, and i did it by making a Movement detection using python.

In This, at start it takes one picture from camera and use it as reference for environment change, so whenever there is a movement…

Hello everyone, Today is a great day and i want to show you how i created a sudoku game.


Hello Everyone, Today is a great day and i want to show you that i have a created a program that can predict new cases of corona virus everyday.

This prediction is done using python and this is represents the new cases in particular country per day.

By seeing this…

Hello everyone, today is a great day.

I have been working on this app since a long time. and this will also be my first android app where you would be able to workout from your home, without paying.

This has three settings:

  1. Beginner
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advance

choose the following option…

Hello everyone, Today is a great day and I have created a game in html that is tic tac toe, which You can play with your partner.


Standrad Tic tac toe game wich can be played with your partner.

You can get This on :

Contact: “sahil242bhatiya@gmail.com”

Hello everyone, Today is a great day and i developed one app that makes your work easier by finding specific word meaning on Wikipedia


  1. It gives opinion on your search. (other options)
  2. it gives summary of the content. (Just like Wikipedia)
  3. it saves the text.
  4. it converts the text in speech.
  5. saves text and speech for later use.

You can get it on Github: https://github.com/sahilbhatiya/questionsearch

Contact : “sahil242bhatiya@gmail.com”


Hello guys, Today is a great day and today i want to show you a piano created by me which is still in development stage.

This piano created using python, it has keys from c4- b5 that is 14 keys, and in future i would like to increase keys .

How it Works:

each keys have been bind with keyboard keys, such as:

c4 : a

d4 : s

e4 : d

similarly till b5(b).

You can get code for this on : https://github.com/sahilbhatiya/pythonpinano

You can contact me on : sahil242bhatiya@gmail.com


Hello Guys, Today is a Wonderful day and I want to show you something that might help you in giving online quiz.

The below software is created by me and it can search a given string within 7 sec which is very fast as compare to old typing method.

Ask For Help, When You Need It:

The reality is that when we our with mentors we learn faster, Because the problem you are facing will be faced by them before and they will be having a solution of it.

Whether Online or in person they would know the how…


I am a Software Developer with an innovative thinking sense who loves to develop high-end software with a piece of extraordinary knowledge.

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